Report an Incident

Report an Incident

You are encouraged to report sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking to the Title IX Office even if you were not directly involved in an incident and even if you would prefer to remain anonymous.  Please share as much information as you are comfortable sharing while keeping in mind that the more information that you share, the greater our ability to respond to the incident appropriately. 


If you choose to remain anonymous, please be aware that the Title IX Office will not be able to follow up with you regarding available resources and support options and our ability to respond to your report may be greatly diminished.


All information submitted will be reviewed by the Title IX Office and we will reach out to the person affected by the incident to offer assistance and options.


If you are reporting as a third party – someone other than the person affected by the reported conduct - you are unlikely to receive follow up from the Title IX Office.  This is so that we can prioritize the needs, wishes, and privacy of the impacted party.  If you have specific questions and would like follow up, please indicate that in the form below or contact Asha Reynolds, Director & Title IX Coordinator.


To report an incident, click here.