If you would like to report an incident of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, or stalking.

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Education & Training

Education is the primary pillar of GW’s sexual assault prevention efforts. Our education programs provide you with opportunities to learn about and discuss important concepts like consent. Other programs help you consider social and cultural dynamics involved in sexual assault and identify ways to effectively prevent and respond to domestic and dating violence.

You can also learn about and play an important role in preventing sexual assault and domestic and dating violence. This can involve helping friends stay accountable and keeping the community safe by being an active bystander.


Programs for students, faculty, and staff are the foundation of the Title IX Office's efforts to support a healthy and safe GW community.

We are available to lead or collaborate on a workshop for your student organization, residence hall, class, or staff/faculty group.

We are also eager to develop new programs. Please browse our "Frequently Requested Title IX Topics" or reach out to the Title IX Office with your ideas; we are happy to work with you to deliver a program that addresses your specific needs. 


Frequently Requested Training Topics

  • An overview of GW's Title IX Sexual Harassment and Related Conduct Policy
  • Definitions of Prohibited Conduct
  • Consent
  • Supportive Measures
  • Resolution Options
  • Intoxication & Incapacitation
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Responsibilities of Designated Reporters
  • How to Respond to Disclosures
  • Reporting Options on- and off-campus
  • Resources on- and off-campus
Mandatory Student Training

All incoming undergraduate students are required to participate in an online and in-person sexual assault prevention program.

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Training Calendar

Throughout the year, the Title IX Office conducts a variety of trainings for the GW community.  Please check out our training calendar to see what trainings are currently available.

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Request a Training

Need a customized training? We are available to lead or collaborate on a training for your student organization, residence hall, class, or staff/faculty group.

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